Michelle Obama's Obesity Myth Grows, Reaches 75 BMI


  • A Catholic church in Denver loves to bury the remains of aborted fetuses, no doubt to remind the priests of all the children they missed out on abusing. [Hyscience]
  • That filthy obesity propagandist (and enormous fatty) Michelle Obama keeps perpetuating the myth that the gross-inflation of our national midriff is somehow bad for America. [DRScoundrels]

  • Michael Reagan says that Obama is killing America just like Michael Reagan's foster-parent senile movie-star daddy killed the Soviet Union. [FoxNews]

  • Muslims love to kill children because nothing compares to a fresh glass of sang-des-enfantes when summoning the satanic spirit of Allah. [NRO]

  • Former Godfather's Pizza CEO and future Republican president Herman Cain wants to save all the black babies from Planned Parenthood, for some reason. [CNS]


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