Michigan Bars Take Away Lawmakers' Booze to Protest New Law


Remember that one time when the Minnesota government shutdownwas ended by the threat of a statewide booze cutoff? That worked pretty well! You can take away everyone's health care, unions, jobs, retirement, education, public roads, hope and the fillings in their teeth, BUT YOU CANNOT HAVE THE BOOZE. Michigan's bar owners are pretty much hoping for a repeat victory with a slightly smaller target demographic: Michigan lawmakers. Bar owners are angry over a new indoor smoking ban that they say has dramatically cut business (true story: Budweiser tastes like stale refrigerator coolant fermented in a gas station toilet even with a cigarette, so...RLY, Michigan bar patrons?). In response, a group of 500 bar owners haS decided to impose their own ban and refuse to allow lawmakers into their establishments. Haha, we like where this is going!

Bar owners are also angry because the ban makes exceptions for gambling casinos.

From Michigan Capitol Confidential:

“We're not smoking advocates or advocates for tobacco use,” PPPRM Executive Director Stephen Mace said. “We 're just people who believe in private property rights and are trying to speak out against this law that's hurting us and our employees. It has already put some of us out of business.”

According to Mace, participating bars are being provided with photos of local lawmakers so they can identify them if they enter their establishments. However, the governor, lieutenant governor, House speaker and Senate majority leader will be exempt from the ban.

“We'll let the top officials in to symbolize how the ban hurts the little guys but not big guys,” Mace explained. “That would be consistent with smoking ban. We're trying to keep a sense of humor even though things are looking pretty grim. I think you'll see a lot of creative approaches as this goes forward.”

Faster way: hire someone to block the Craigslist escort section next time. [Michigan Capitol Confidential]


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