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Residents of Flint, Michigan, can relax and stop worrying about the lead in their water, because for some reason a local militia group showed up at Flint City Hall Sunday with a trailer full of bottled water and a bunch of guns. That ought to fix things right quick! Roughly thirty guys in camouflage played at being all military (they even stood at attention for several minutes!) while "executive officer" Matthew Krol gave a speech about freedom and liberty and not letting the government get out of control. Why exactly the poisoning of the city's water supply is something a bunch of doofuses with guns think they have the skill set to resolve is beyond us. A cynical person might almost think that it was all a stunt to get the name of the "Genesee County Volunteer Militia" in the media. Well, there it is. Mission Accomplished.

In case you have a spare half hour that you'd like to squander some perfectly good brain cells on, local station WEYI captured the entire spectacle on video; we were impressed by the guys' military bearing and all the camo:

Doktor Zoom

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