Michigan Proposes Helpful Law To Harass Women Who Miscarry

Last year a group of rabid little anti-choice trolls in Michigan pretended to find a bunch of "fetal remains" while they were rummaging through a dumpster behind a women's clinic, which, right, TOTALLY PRETEND. But this did not stop worried state lawmakers from feeling like they weren't allowed to appear indifferent to fictional globs of tissue (being indifferent to non-fictional humans is still okay), so they are working to pass a new "dignified disposal of fetal remains" law commanding hospitals and clinics to immediately send someone in to force women who just have suffered first-trimester miscarriages to get them to make some "funeral plans" for the cell blobs... mostly to help rub it in, we guess?

From Detroit News columnist Laura Berman:

Women who have miscarriages in hospitals would have to sign forms deciding how the hospital should handle the remains, by cremation, interment or burial.

These options would newly involve funeral directors, or the option of using them, in situations where women aren't necessarily emotionally prepared to think they've "lost a baby," and where historically there's little precedent for doing so.

It also introduces the potential for new costs, not likely to be covered by insurance.

"I think some women will be devastated," says Joanne Mulhere, who counsels women undergoing loss of pregnancies at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where about 175 women lose pregnancies through miscarriage or stillbirth annually.

Patients would be handed Kleenex, as well as a form to sign, requesting the remains be cremated, buried or interred.

Maybe this is why we are reading just today about how the U.S. birth rate keeps dropping? Sure, this is mostly because "the economy still sux balls," but dumb laws like this one promising to traumatize the crap out of women over every single aspect of owning a uterus probably do not help. [Detroit News via RH Reality Check]


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