Michigan's Beloved Janice Daniels, America's Craziest Mayor, Perhaps Does Not Have A Fine Grasp On Detail


Troy, Michigan's, beloved treasure of a mayor, Janice Daniels, famous throughout Wonkette nation fordressing like an Iranian man, would very much like it if the Oakland County Clerk didn’t count recall signatures that the Clerk’s office says it isn’t counting anyway. Did you read that correctly. Yes, you read that correctly. Daniels, who is facing a recall for being an embarrassingly nutters homophobe, is challenging recall petition signatures that have already been tossed out.

“We’ve only done a cursory review of it because we just received it, but it appears they’re challenging signatures that we already disqualified,” [Elections Director Joe] Rozell said. “We provided them a list showing which were counted and which weren’t, but they challenged the ones we didn’t count.”

Daniels had until 4:30 yesterday afternoon to challenge recall petitions. Quite naturally, she waited until ten minutes before that deadline (4:20! that’s how The Janice rolls, bitchez!) to file her not at all insane protest against already disqualified signatures.

Maybe this is a new strategy. Having pissed off the local business community, the gays, transit riders, high school students, city staff, and Michigan’s Republican Governor maybe Daniels thinks she can win votes from County Clerk employees by making them laugh with this rather (shall we say) “queer” petition challenge. Just try to come up with a more plausible explanation, you can't!

Let’s cherish every wonderful moment of crazy from Janice Daniels while we can. After the November 6 recall vote, she may not be around to amuse us. Sad. [Troy Patch]


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