Middle-Aged Liberal Ladies Crash Hillary's 'Youth Party'

Not a MILF in the crowd, either. - WonketteHey girls, Hillary Clinton threw some kind of "block party" called "Club 44" in DC last night. Why didn't you show up? It was just a casual thing for you girls, you know, who are young and casual -- you know, between the ages of 18 and 24, with the disposable income and maybe the voter registration card?

There were lots of things you would've liked: somebody from American Idol, a teevee program you enjoy watching (perhaps on a TiVo?), and a woman comedian who is somewhat youthful as far as being under 50. Oh, there was a juggler, which you are supposed to like for some reason, right? There was a 9/11-themed "Moon Bounce," too.

Where were you?

Hillary Fever Skips a Generation [Washington Post]


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