Miers as Yellow Dog Democrat (Emphasis on Yellow)

Harriet Miers may have contributed to Democratic campaigns, but that's hardly something to be ashamed of. Some of our best Republicans are former Democrats, Texas Governor Rick Perry, who happened to be Texas state chair Gore's 1998 presidential campaign when Miers gave it $1000 back in 1988. Perry said he became a Republican "because I learned that the Democratic Party could not be trusted to run the state of Texas, much less the United States." We can respect someone changing his mind, but in explaining Miers's flirtation with Democrats, her allies aren't arguing she changed her mind; they're saying she didn't have one. At today's WH briefing, Scott McClellan explained that everyone in Texas was a Democrat back in the 80s. To which we reply: Good thing they weren't jumping off bridges! And Miers's ex, Nathan Hecht, says that "If she did it, it was because the [law] firm made her do it." Good thing they weren't laundering money for the mob!

In sum: Her conservative views have been unwavering, it's her backbone that ain't so strong.

Harriet Miers -- pro, part 5 [WorldMag Blog]

Reports on Miers donations to Gore forget Gore chair became Republican Texas governor [Raw Story]


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