Shit 4 brainz - WonketteHarriet Miers and White House chief of staff Josh Bolten will be charged with contempt this week by the House Judiciary Committee, beginning what will hopefully be an 18-month-long process of charges, arrests, impeachments, imprisonments and live, boring cable-news coverage that will ultimately end with Dick Cheney convicted of doing 9/11 and getting beheaded on live teevee.

Ha ha, just kidding. Cheney will walk, as will Bush. Miers might go to jail just because she's so fucking stupid. Will Bolten get Scootered? It's possible, but we'll go with "Bolten Walks." After all, he's a total criminal but he's still one of the least guilty people in that administration.

Harriet Miers and Bush Chief of Staff to face contempt charges [Raw Story]


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