Mike Bloomberg Would Like You Idiots To Get Over Yourselves

321 days without a decapitation! - WonketteWe are pretty close to giving super-billionaire Michael Bloomberg one of our coveted Wonkette Presidential Endorsements because he basically just called all the candidates a bunch of fear-mongering wusses.

Reporters in New York have been harassing Bloomberg for hysterical comments about those four guys from Puerto Rico or wherever who hoped to destroy America by, er, blowing up a gas tank at JFK Airport. Mikey told them to get a life. Really, he said "Get a life." Asked whether everybody should freak out about the terrorisms, he said people have a much higher risk of being struck by lightening than hurt by terrorists, and that people should be concerned about actual things that might kill them, such as lung cancer or falling out a window:

"Make sure you have guards on your windows if you live above the ground floor and have young children; make sure you have fire detectors and change the batteries. Those are the kinds of things," he said. "But it doesn't take away from the fact there are lots of threats to you and the world. There's the threat of heart attack for genetic reasons. You can't sit there and worry about everything. Get a life!"
Mayor Aims To Quiet Fears Over JFK Terror Plot [NY1]

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