Mike Bloomberg's Online Virtual Fantasy Campaign

Just as decrepit old teevee actor and abortion lobbyist Fred Thompson is running for president of teevee by making webcam announcements, non-candidate New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has all kinds of online shit that sort of suggests he will eventually run for president -- hey, he just got a Facebook profile, how lame!

Or maybe he just expects to be hired as president once all the other losers are chased away by thick clouds of homosexual scandal:

Last week when I was in Washington to discuss poverty in America, I was asked (again) whether I am running for President. As I've said before and I'll say again -- I am not running.

But, "Are you running?" is the wrong question. The question should not be about politics, but about leadership. Not who is the best candidate, but who will be the best President.

If he had only mentioned 9/11 a couple of thousand times, this statement would be almost Rudyesque.

Bloomberg Creates New Outlets for Noncampaign [NYT Caucus]


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