mike_dewine.jpgThe last we saw of the google-eyed incumbent Republican senator from Jeffrey Dahmer's homeadopted home state of Ohio, he was giving the bum's rush to a libidinous junior office worker by the name of...wait, don't tell us, it's right on the tip of our tongue, you know the one who wrote the novel and posed for Playboy and is now running a dude ranch in California with the Fonz and Lenny and Squiggy and Josie and the Pussycats.

Now DeWine is back in the papers, simultaneously a sign of a slow news day and the apocalypse (the first sign: Michelle Malkin on that trampoline; if the flaming frogs start falling from the sky by lunchtime, better dig up the gold bullion in the backyard). DeWine had to pull an attack ad against challenger Sherrod Brown which featured fake smoke coming from the World Trade Center on 9/11 because, well, you know, the actual footage just wasn't dramatic.

"The senator was unaware the image of the towers was a graphical representation and he has instructed the campaign to replace that footage with a picture of the Twin Towers before the attack," [a DeWine spokesman] said.

More here.

View original DeWine ad, eerily reminiscent of Sideshow Bob's anti-Mayor Quimby ad, here.

View Democratic Party response ad, "Sad," notable for its footage of DeWine looking like he really, really, really has to go the bathroom and making an inadvertently strong case against Sherrod Brown, here.

--Nick Gillespie


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