Mike Gravel Wants the Military to be "Colorful, Intermingled" and Ready to Die a Hot, Throbbing Death

A Wonkette Operative directed us to the YouTubes, where Mike Gravel begins to take a principled stand on allowing gays in the military, only to ruin it by nakedly pandering to fans of 300. I mean, who does the guy think he is? John McCain?

Still, we think everyone could agree that the news out of Iraq would be better if we were fighting a giant, glittery tranny who'd had his whole body dipped in a Sephora outlet in order to resemble some Aladdin Sane-era David Bowie fever-dream instead of an insurgency filled with guerillas who are apparently immortal. If it came with painterly, CGI backgrounds, and all the U.S. soldiers were oiled up and semi-naked, that would be a bonus. THAT would be a motherfuckin' SURGE.


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