Mike Gravel Wants You to Have to Vote Even More Often

What has crazy old man Mike Gravel been up to since he left the Senate 200 years ago? He founded a nonprofit called "The Democracy Foundation" whose aim is nothing less than the complete and utter destruction of American democracy as we know it. Because Mike Gravel and his little organization want to put you, the people, the stupid, stupid people, in charge.

The Democracy Foundation's "National Initiative for Democracy" wants to "create a fourth branch of government," much like our current administration has done, only they don't want this branch to be Dick Cheney. No, they want this one to be something called a "legislature of the people." In this crazy system, legislation would be put to a national popular vote, allowing the rubes and nuts of America to make their own laws willy-nilly.

A number of states have similar systems already in place, leading in many cases to lower taxes, less spending, and, in Oklahoma, the disenfranchisement of black people.

Power to the People [Mother Jones]


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