Mike Gravel Will Kill Again

Uhh ... what is going on here? Does this mean something, other than that Mike Gravel is clearly insane?

We've got another one, after the jump.

Look, we're all for innovative campaign advertising and the YouTubes and all, but an angry old man silently glaring at a video camera for a minute or so and then walking away -- stopping only to pick up a rock and drop it in the lake -- does not make any sense. It's just creepy.

(Yeah, supposedly it's a "response" to something else, another video of something? That doesn't matter. Teen-agers make "response" YouTube clips, and it's a stupid enough phenomenon without creepy old men doing it. Stop it, we mean it.)

Any campaign video that makes people want to vote for Hillary Clinton because at least you know what you're getting, that's not really a great thing for the democracy or whatever.

Here's the other, oh boy ....

Ron Paul/Mike Gravel '08!

Mike Gravel Is Running For President Of The Entire Galaxy [Oliver Willis]


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