• Angelina Jolie recolonized The Congo so that Brangelina could adopt as many precious diamonds and African orphans as humanly possible. [The Daily Dish]

  • On a similar note: Mike Huckabee just wants you to know that babies do not = puppies, these are two different things, and yeah the gays can sodomize as many adopted puppies as they see fit but babies? Gay people shouldn't be allowed to own those things. [Daily Intel]

  • Meanwhile, Teabaggers have developed a new form of Pride, "straight pride," which is like "white pride" but for closeted dingbats. [Michigan Messenger]

  • Bostonians are being so mean to Sarah Palin, but no bother. She will tell them she has wet dreams about the Red Sox every night, and then Taxachusetts will elect her U.S. Senator, forever. [The Corner]

  • Alan Grayson receives 1,000 pesos from grateful liberals every time he punches a Republican in the face or calls Dick Cheney an evil cumsicle. And now he is peso-rich. [TPM]


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