Mike Huckabee Just Figures Kim Jong Un Hates Black Ladies Same Way He Does

Huck's North Korea joke really bombed. Get it? BOMBED.

Mike Huckabee's brought his comedy stylings to the electric Twitter box again, and as always, he manages to take a timely topic, add a rightwing obsession, and come up with pure comedic gold:

Get it? Maxine Waters is such an annoying ol' liberal biddy that after just a little time talking with her, Kim Jong Un would drink a nice cup of neuorotoxin, am I right, folks? Sadly, it wasn't a video, so we missed out on what no doubt would have been Huck's hilarious Maxine Waters impression.

Huckabee's joke-like utterances are pretty sophisticated; the important element is to drag in some cliche from rightwing blog comments and adapt it to Current Events, like this pair of witticisms about Al Gore's new movie, which is failing at the box office because Americans know global warming is hooey:

We'd like to offer our readers their very own Mike Huckabee Tweet Generator: Just take any current event, add in a nonsequitur about some figure rightwingers can't stand, and you've got a joke. Extra points if you can throw in an ethnic stereotype!

OK, let's try a riff on the FBI raid of Paul Manafort's home:

"The FBI raided Hillary Clinton's home to look for her 30K missing emails, but all they found was a stained blue dress."

See? It's easy to be as funny as Mike Huckabee, since you don't really have to think much at all. Let's try another, maybe about Manafort's son-in-law, who's talking to federal prosecutors:

"It's terrible the feds made Manafort's SIL testify against him. I'd never testify against my dog-killing son. Benghazi!"

Fine, they can't all be classics.

Yr Wonkette would like to encourage the former governor and failed presidential candidate to step up his comedy game: If he can put together a 15 minute set and not get booed off the stage during open mic night at any major New York comedy club -- The Comedy Cellar, Gotham Comedy Club, Old Man Hustle, or People's Improv, let's say -- we will award him $3150. That'll be paid by Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, who owes us. We doubt Huck would be up to it, though:

See, he would not want to do comedy in a foreign country that is not even America, haw-haw! Sorry, Huck. If you want to collect Jim Hoft's money, an appearance in Branson doesn't count.

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[Mike Huckabee on Twitter]

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