Mike Huckabee So Mad Fired Mueller FBI Guy Did LITERAL COUP To Trump, By Sexting

He's as mad as heck

Wait hold up, is this the SECOND TIME IN TWO DAYS we have had a headline about Mike Huckabee being fuller of deep-fried badger shit than the buffet table at the Huckabee family reunion? It is! And here y'all probably were thinkin' he had fallen into a diabetic coma a couple years back and you forgot to send a Get Well Soon card.

Huckabee went to the Fox News to say another stupid, about the horseshit made-up right-wing plot to undermine the Robert Mueller investigation, which is that Peter Strzok, a guy who used to work for Robert Mueller, sent VERY NORMAL texts to his FBI girlfriend during the campaign about how Donald Trump is an idiot and a disaster and unfit for the presidency. GOP idiots want us to think these are radical opinions, as opposed to opinions based in fact and shared by all patriotic Americans with three numbers in their IQ scores. (No really, Trump's approval rating is 32%, and among those with a college degree that number drops to 30%, with a full 66% hating Trump's dumb fucking ass. He's even starting to lose Fox News viewers.)

The fact Mueller fired Strzok the second he heard about these sexts is not relevant to Huckabee/Fox News/GOP idiots, because that would undermine the case their feeble brains are trying to make.

Let us see what Bubba Dipshit has to say about TEXT MESSAGES and COUPS, lovingly transcribed by Media Matters:

Evan Hurst

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