Mike Huckabee Worried All The Military Ladies Will Want Fancy New Sex Boobies Now

Mike Huckabee took some time out from smuggling the Jews off Barack Obama's Iranian Auschwitz train this week to make some more weird comments about boobies. He's worried that if transgenders get to be in the military and go into battle for our fine nation, then the ladies in the military will be like "UNFAIR, I want a boob job, where's my boob job?" Because that is a thing all women do, when confronted with the reality of the transgender experience. Here are Huckabee's mouth words:

It's naive to think that [transgenders in the military] doesn't affect morale. Men are men. Women are women. There's a distinction. There's a difference. ... The military is not a place where we try out experiments. The military is designed to kill people and break things.

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Wait, and also win hearts and minds and sometimes take disaster aid to the poors, also, too, right? Sorry, we got distracted. Go on, say a real weird thing, you gross fucker:

Taxpayers are not responsible for paying for sex change operations. Let's just look at it logically. If the taxpayers are going to be on the hook to say, okay we're gonna give this person surgery to change his or her gender -- and first of all, just to say "I feel differently," that's absurd that we would just let people identify -- but if they wanna go through a gender reassignment surgically, that's not a taxpayer responsibility! We don't do breast enhancements, which would be a part of that. Well if we're gonna do it for somebody who says they're transgender, well would we not do it for a female who said, "I'd feel better about myself if I was a 38D rather than a 34A?"

Actually no, you feculent gopher pube, because gender reassignment surgery, when transgender people decide to have it (not all do!), is considered, BY DOCTORS, who know more than Mike Huckabee does about medical science, to be medical treatment. This is really fucking simple, but Huckabee doesn't understand that. The only simple thing he understands is that Jesus forgave his son for killing that dog, just like he forgave Josh Duggar for fingerbanging his family.

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But also, we really do not want to hear any more mouthy talk from Huckabee on transgender people, inside or outside of the military, because he has already told us that when he thinks of transgenders, he thinks how cool it would have been to tuck his Huckapenis between his legs and pretend to be a lady so he could have showered with the girls after gym class.

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In short, nobody wants Huckabee near their lady sex boobies, transgender or not, so fuck right off.

[Right Wing Watch viaBlue Nation Review]


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