Kwame Kilpatrick Can Practice Yoga In Prison


  • Famous Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is already in prison, but now he's in trouble with the feds for basically embezzling a bunch of money to pay for yoga lessons and summer camp or whatever. [TPM Muckraker]
  • A terrorist journalist tried to go GOTCHA on BP, until a brave rent-a-cop stopped him because of his terrorism. [Reason]
  • The Ottomans, famous for their gay old practice of sticking sharp pokers up people's rear ends, are back baby! [Weekly Standard]
  • Uh oh, the "Democrat-Media Complex" has been suppressing this SHOCKING photo of an idiot holding a racist(?) sign. By posting this here at a librul blog site we basically undo his whole argument, but whatever. [Breitbart]

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