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WTF is Mike Lee whining about now? Here's what Evan wrote in yesterday's liveblog, in case you haven't seen the Utah senator's massive hissy fit at the end of Wednesday's impeachment hearing.

7:29: Oh, surprise, they are quitting for the night! Jamie Raskin says we can come back tomorrow!
First Senator Mike Lee needs to bitch that he does not like how impeachment managers relayed some comments from him, God even fucking knows, Mike Lee needs to go somewhere and shut his fucking face. He says they should be stricken from the record because we're supposed to believe him or something, my God.

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7:40: And now Jamie Raskin is making life easier for everybody, withdrawing the Mike Lee thing for now, saying Mike Lee's shit is inconsequential to their case and go eat boners on a Mormon planet in hell (not his words), SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW.

So, what was that about?

Apparently Lee objected to Rep. David Cicilline's characterization of a phone call from then-President Donald Trump during the riot. Trump mistakenly thought he was dialing Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama but reached his Utah buddy instead. (Where's that Sharpie to draw a wiener on the map bonering 'Bama into the Mountain West Conference?)

Here's how Lee himself characterized the interaction to Salt Lake Tribune reporter Bryan Schott, who originally reported it.

Anxious to hand the phone to someone else (and not have to argue with the president about matters at hand), I asked if he'd like me to find Senator Tuberville.

He said, "Yeah sure, that'd be great."

I went and found Senator Tuberville, handed him my phone, and explained that the president would like to speak to him. I stood nearby for the next five or ten minutes as they spoke, not wanting to lose my phone in the middle of a crisis.

Then the Capitol Police became very nervous and ordered us to evacuate the chamber immediately. As they were forcing everyone out of the chamber, I awkwardly found myself interrupting the same telephone conversation I had just facilitated.

"Excuse me, Tommy, we have to evacuate. Can I have my phone?"

Senator Tuberville promptly ended the call and returned my phone to its rightful owner.

In Cicilline's characterization, "Donald Trump reportedly asked Senator Tuberville to make additional objections to the certification process. That is why he called. Le's be clear: At roughly 2 p.m, when Donald Trump was walking around the White House watching the TV delighted and spent five to ten minutes talking to Senator Tuberville urging him to delay the election results, this is what was happening in the Capitol." And then he cut to video of the horrendous violence going on outside.

Lee said he wasn't the source for the second part of Cicilline's story, as he had no knowledge of the conversation between Tuberville and Trump. Which is fair enough, we suppose, although it's not clear that Cicilline was characterizing Lee as a witness to that part of the story. In the event, Raskin withdrew the statement, saying "This is much ado about nothing because it's not critical in any way to our case."

Then the GOP tried to salvage a disastrous day by shouting HEARSAY over and over and pretending that the Democrats' evidence was all shit.

Fun fact: there is no "hearsay" in INPEACH because CONGRESS IS NOT A COURT OF LAW. If Trump's attorney David Schoen is confused on this point, he can Google "Article I" + "Article III" + "What is the difference."

But while we're on the subject of Mike Lee and which news reports he is or is not a source on, we'd just like to point out that Trump wasn't the only one who mistakenly dialed Lee's number looking for Tuberville. The president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani did the same thing, leaving a message for "Senator Tuberville, or I should say Coach Tuberville" on Lee's voicemail during the melee.

"I'm calling you because I want to discuss with you how they're trying to rush this hearing and how we need you, our Republican friends, to try to just slow it down so we can get these legislatures to get more information to you," Giuliani said. "And I know they're reconvening at 8 tonight, but it, the only strategy we can follow is to object to numerous states and raise issues so that we get ourselves into tomorrow—ideally until the end of tomorrow."

We know exactly what that drooling idiot said, because Cicilline played this voicemail at yesterday's hearing. And you know how he got a recording of Mike Lee's personal voicemail?


"The problem for Giuliani? He left his message on the voicemail of another senator, who shared it with The Dispatch," reporter Steve Hayes wrote that day. So maybe Sen. Lee should STFU with the performative outrage about what he did or did not say to the media, mmmkay?

But while we're still on that topic, we'll note that the other witness to this conversation was also in the chamber yesterday. And you didn't see Tommy Tuberville hopping up to object that Cicilline got it wrong about the president leaning on him to slow the count down.

According to Tuberville, "He didn't get a chance to say a whole lot because I said, 'Mr. President, they just took the vice president out. I've got to go.'" Which prompted every reporter in DC to look at the clock and note that Pence was removed from the chamber at 2:14 p.m. So if Trump found out about it then, he must have already known that the Vice President was in danger when he attacked him in a tweet at 2:24, saying, "Mike Pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution."

Which is ... not a great look.

So, congratulations to Mike Lee, who just reminded everyone that he hotfooted it to reporters with Giuliani's voicemail while the violence was ongoing, and then managed to jog Tubby's memory about the time Trump found out Pence was in danger and sicced the mob on him.

You really showed 'em, fella!

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