Mike Pence Tweets And Deletes Pic With QMoron Cop -- WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!?

Mike Pence Tweets And Deletes Pic With QMoron Cop -- WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!?
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While it's soothing to assume that the kind of people who believe in bizarre 4chan conspiracy theories about Donald Trump tracking down and arresting sex traffickers are also the kind of people who never actually leave their own houses, that is not always the case. Sure, some of them probably are weirdos sitting in basements with red string adorned murder walls, frothing at the mouth and alienating their friends and families, but some of them are regular people with regular jobs. Jobs like, for instance, law enforcement.

On Friday, Mike Pence's official White House Twitter account posted several pictures of him bro-ing down with several Florida law enforcement officers. It was a very normal looking photo op, except for one thing. One of those officers, Sgt. Matt Patten of the Broward County Sheriff's office, was sporting a patch referencing the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The badge was first noticed by Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch.

Naturally, the QAnon people over on Voat are extremely excited about this and have decided that it is a ploy to get the "mainstream media" to ask the administration about Q, so that Trump can verify that it is too a real thing and that the weirdos falling for it are not mental.

Yeah. this is kind of a big deal.
There is no way that was accidentally posted. They chose those 3 pictures from undoubtedly dozens of pictures taken there. That Q is there because they wanted it there.
I bet they are trying to get the media to ask about Trump about it, but the media doesn't want to ask! They already know what the answer is. They don't want the american people to know about a back channel the president is connected to that exposes all of their lies. That is the last thing the media wants out there. lol.

LIES. Of course we want this out there. It is hilarious.

Another person on the thread seemed to think that the patch was put there by a "jew intel" group, and then started on some weird ass rant about how Greeks and Italians are letting him down by... dating Jewish people? Or something?

oh look, jew intel group puts patch on shirt.
Greeks, jews, italians, I can't tell anymore. You true bloods better stand the fuck up soon. I'm tired of defending your faggot asses to colleagues. Stop sucking jew dick, because every 80s faggot knows every jew wanted a catholic school girl. And that meant italian or puerto rican.
Get your shit together wops.

For the record... I do not want this guy defending me to his "colleagues." Though I have to admit I am incredibly curious now about what line of work he is in and why this is a topic of conversation there.

Alas, the photo was swiftly deleted after Buzzfeed reached out to the White House about the tweet.

An official at the Vice President's Office told BuzzFeed News the image was deleted from Pence's account after the patch was pointed out to staff. The official added that the image was taken down so as not to draw attention to the baseless conspiracy theory.

Did that dissuade the QMorons of Voat? No, it did not. Because obviously, this too was a ploy to get the media to ask them about Q.

According to the Miami New Times, the officer in the photo was not given permission to wear the patch.

A spokesperson for BSO, Veda Coleman-Wright, told New Times via email that the department did not know that Patten was wearing the patch when meeting the Vice President.
"The patch is not authorized by BSO," she said. "This matter will be addressed immediately."

Let us hope that by "This matter will be addressed immediately" she means that Sgt. Matt Patten will be immediately out of a job. It's sad when people get fired, but you can't have a member of law enforcement going around thinking that the President is sending him secret messages through internet messageboards. That's not normal. The next thing you know, his neighbor's dog will be telling him he has to kill, and that never ends well.


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