Mike Pence Works In COVID Hotspot, Swears On Trump's Honor He's Safe To Debate

There's "credibility gap" and there's whatever the hell is going on in the White House that allows them to announce that IRL doctors have given Vice President Mike Pence the green light to go sit next to Senator Kamala Harris tonight, separated by a piece of plastic barely larger than a dinner plate.

Seriously, WTF is this?

The vice president's team originally objected to the plexiglass barrier, before getting a look at this flimsy shit and giggling, LOL, nevermind.

Mike Pence works in a coronavirus hotspot where masks are seen as a sign of fey liberalism, if not outright betrayal; his boss is apparently a superspreader; and the tests the White House has been relying on to vouchsafe the health of its staff don't reliably detect asymptomatic cases. And not for nothing, but it looks an awful lot like Trump was already infected at the debate with Joe Biden, and either knew and hid it, or didn't know because he wasn't getting regularly tested.

Nevertheless, the Biden-Harris campaign should just trust the White House that Pence is COVID-free, and park the future VP a few feet from him for a couple hours this evening (starting at 9 p.m Eastern, join us, sigh). Cool, cool.

Just look at this stupid memo those goons cooked up with CDC Director Robert Redfield, who should never live this shit down as long as he lives.


Oh, really? The CDC has independent knowledge of the date of infection of everyone Mike Pence came in contact with and can verify that he wasn't within six feet of any of those people for more than 15 minutes? That's interesting, since the White House has refused to do contact tracing or disclose when Donald Trump got his last negative test.

Pence was seated directly in front of Senator Mike Lee, just a few feet from Kellyanne Conway and the First Lady — all of whom have the coronavirus! — at the Amy Coney Barrett Rose Garden Face Licking Jamboree. There's no telling whose exhalations he was breathing in at the indoor mask-free afterparty. And just last night that rancid little vampire Stephen Miller announced that, after several days of negative tests, he'd finally been diagnosed with coronavirus too.

The CDC's own guidelines dictate that Pence should be in 14-day quarantine, not palling around with the rest of the White House COVID crew.

"Just because he's had a daily antigen test, intermittent PCR tests, is meaningless if he continues to interact with other people on his team or anybody else in the world — we don't know what their COVID status is," immunologist Dr. Neeta Ogden told CBS, noting that "It's not just Pence, it's the team that he's traveling with, it's the exposure on a daily basis."

What assurance do we have that Mike Pence's people will behave any more responsibly than the Trump family, who arrived too late to be tested at the Cleveland Clinic, then ostentatiously removed their masks at the debate last week, refusing to put them back on when requested by the staff? Karen Pence seems like less of an in-your-face asshole than the Trump kids, but will Pence be bringing Katie Miller to the party? Because that woman is the hottest of hot garbage.

Apparently, Democrats have no choice but to take the VP at his word that he's totally fine to spew droplets into the air next to his replacement tonight. So now we'll get to watch him sanctimoniously purse his lips and shake his tilted head at the moral outrage of Barack Obama daring to provide health insurance for tens of millions of Americans, rather than infecting them with a contagious disease.

Can't hardly wait (for 9 p.m. Eastern, right here, with us).

Now this is your OPEN THREAD.

[Press Watch / CBS]

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