Military Brass Doesn't Love Trump Saying All They Wanna Do Is Sh*t, F*ck And Fight
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President Finger-On-The-Pulse for some reason thought it'd be a good idea on Monday, during his pointless press conference/campaign rally, to try to smooth things over with our men and women in uniform. It did not go well!

TRUMP: I'm not saying the military's in love with me — the soldiers are, the top people in the Pentagon probably aren't because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.

Cool. He baselessly claimed the "soldiers" are "in love" with him, which is funny because he was already losing to Joe Biden by four points among the troops even before news came out that Trump hates the troops and thinks they are stupid dumbfuck losers, especially if they do something gay like die in a war. (Those are not his exact words, but they're probably closer than we think.) Anyway, who knew the military was a purple state, like a common Arizona!

Then Trump decided to insult military leaders, accusing them of always wanting to do war whenever they can, because they want to make contractors happy. That's right, he accused them of being grifters. (Y'all know how generals are the ones who get Christmas bonuses from Boeing and Raytheon, right? Riiiiiiiight.)

(And yes, we know there is a large conversation to be had about the revolving door between government and private contractors and you know when we can have that large conversation? Not right now! Because it doesn't have shit-all to do with what Trump said!)

Trump followed up the comment above by referring to "endless wars" as "one cold-hearted globalist betrayal after another," so if you had made a bet Trump couldn't weirdly shoehorn an anti-Semitic word into an otherwise dumbass statement about how he is universally adored by "the soldiers," womp womp, you lost the bet.

Surprisingly, Trump's message of "Those stupid mouthbreathing idiots just want to shit, fuck and fight" isn't going over so well with military brass. The Army's top general, James McConville, was asked about Trump's little wise-ass comment, and while he was very professional about it and did not call the commander-in-chief a douchefuck directly by name, he did have thoughts on the notion that the generals are just sitting around the Pentagon with uncontrollable war boners, always in the mood to send kids off to die for no reason:

[P]ressed more generally on private industry's influence on the decision to go to war, McConville said military officers take very seriously their recommendations on whether to send troops into combat.

"Many of these leaders have sons and daughters that serve in the military. Many of these leaders have sons and daughters who have gone to combat or may be in combat right now," McConville said.

"I can assure the American people that the senior leaders would only recommend sending our troops to combat when it is required in national security, or as a last resort," he continued. "We take this very, very seriously in how we make our recommendations."

Besides, if they go to war all the time, then more troops will end up being "suckers" because they have to go to war, and then some of them will end up "losers" if they get killed, or even worse, if they get wounded, which is what really grosses Donald Trump out. Isn't that right, Mr. President?

Good job as usual, Donald. Keep on talkin'.


[The Hill]

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