Military Run By Witches! (?)

Bob Barr, the former Libertarian presidential candidate andevil twin of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, wrote a very interesting thing today about how the military is infested with witches and warlocks! Did you know this? Did you know that they are cold dancin' around bubbling cauldrons on Fort Hood and holding sexy outdoor rituals at the Air Force Academy?

Well, they are:

I have to tell you, if I were in the Air Force and was being commanded by an officer who practices hedonism as a religion (another part of the definition of “pagan”), and who dances around a circle of stones in the woods carrying a lighted candle, I would be more than a little worried about following him into battle.

To be fair, these people did take down the Romans, so maybe they are not total pussies?

Pagan worship at Air Force Academy [Atlanta Journal-Constitution via Fark]


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