Mimi Miyagi in Political Limbo

2miyagi1.jpgWonkette's favorite acknowledged porn-star-cum-politician, Nevada gubernatorial hopeful Melody "Mimi Miyagi" Damayo, continues to wow potential Silver State voters bored of gambling and whoring. Mimi's latest stunt: a karaoke and limbo-contest fundraiser. Reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Damayo worked the room like a veteran politician, handing out campaign stickers. She also offered lap dances with a wide, pink-lipsticked smile.

"I'm here to witness history," said John Hambrick, chair of the Clark County Republican Party, who brought his wife as a "chaperone" to the event. "No gubernatorial candidate has ever done this before." He was referring to karaoke.

Mimi's main drawback? Her ability to inspire crappy puns in newspaper accounts:

"Mimi's a very likeable person," [Pharmacist Dan] Brooks said. "She's maybe not the most eloquent (speaker), but she seems like a sweetheart." Then, grinning at his own cleverness, he added, "She's abreast of all the issues."

Brooks and his friends exchanged high-fives for that quip.

Review-Journal story here.

More Mimi madness here.


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