Mindless Sheeple Softly Follow Black Man, Fear Of Racists

Dear Racists ...Do you hate the "sheeple" like we hate the sheeple? Then you'll love today's Email of the Day, in which "Jimmy Lightfoot" shares his views on race in America -- you do know who the real racists are, right? -- and this whole Barack Obama problem.

From: Jimmy Lightfoot ____@yahoo.com
To: tips@wonkette.com
Date: Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 7:35 AM
Subject: the "deal" with obama

Basicly I'm not a mindless sheep. I would like to state first the media is being too soft on obama and here is why.. If anyone criticizes obama freaking super racist al sharpton will picket their head quartersor come repelling outa the trees

Either way we have learned saying anything bad about an african american will label you as a racist biggotso noone can say what a young moron he is claiming change. We all know Washington is rigged with obama the only thing that will change is his ignorance thinking washington will change just for him.. It's hilarious yet kind of sad..It will take obama at least 2 years to learn how things actually work.Clinton has seen 1st hand how Washington really works therefore can get started quickly. I think both of their /our best interests would be a clinton pres with obama vp she can get things started give obama 4 years in washington as a vp but then i'm not rich enough to be a republican you might be?








rabid_lycanthrope..--- I won't kill you, but I don't hafta save you!


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