Minnesota Republicans Fragging Each Other Over Viking Stadium

Minnesota Republicans Fragging Each Other Over Viking Stadium

It has beenover a month since a crazed member of the Tea Party has Swift Boated a double-amputee Iraq veteran. Luckily, Minnesota state Rep. Mary Kriffmeyer has reset the GOP's workplace-accident clock, with a fragging of fellow Republican John Kriesel! She mad! Why? Because he pushed through this ridiculous (and broadly unpopular) Vikings stadium deal that apparently has turned "Minnesota Nice" into "Mary Kriffmeyer."

Mary Kriffmeyer, who is running for state Senate, did not take kindly to a sweetheart stadium deal being rammed down Minnesota's throats like so much cock, and said so! This caused veteran Kriesel, who lost both legs in The Iraq, to snipe:

Force it through? C'mon Mary. You can disagree with the bill but don't lie about it.

Whereupon Kiffmeyer responded:

Not only no clue but no courage to run again and be accountable and see what your district thinks.

(Kriesel, who gave a passionate speech against a Traditional Marriage Amendment, is not running again after serving only one term, probably because he's a giant RINO, or maybe so he can go lobby for the stadium he delivered, who knows? It would be irresponsible not to speculate!)

And now they are at #WAR. Kriesel is now pondering a second mortgage on his house to donate to Kiffmeyer opponents, and Kiffmeyer is doing whatever it is teabaggers do these days in between shitting on veterans: mostlyincreasing regulations for voter ID, and decreasing regulations for homeschooling, because Priorities, why don't you GET SOME. [MinnPost]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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