Minstrel Show

* We thought the debates were hard on us but it turns out they're destroying everybody but Hillary. [Wizbang Politics]

* Some Republican congressman we've never heard of is retiring, maybe to spend more time with his family, maybe to fuck little boys. Who knows. [Election Central]

* Without the Soviets to spy on, whatever is the world's only superpower to do? [Capitol Hill Blue]

* We'll do just about anything for a blowjob. [Redstate]

* Though a bunch of fat old shit-sacks have resigned this week, there are still plenty left. [Blotter]

* The White House may allow Patraeus to testify, and a bunch of fired U.S. attorney's might fly out of the Attorney General's ass. [Think Progress]

* Hezbollah releases an outrageously offensive video game intended for propaganda and recruiting purposes, something unfathomable here in the Freest Goddamn Nation on the Face of the Earth. [Hot Air]

* We've long felt that blackface has been a highly under-utilized marketing tactic. [Fresh Intelligence]


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