Misery And Death Of Many Sorts

  • Ford lost less money in the first quarter than they expected to, which in their industry and in this economy counts as success. [Bloomberg]
  • The Administration plans on releasing a bunch of photographs of U.S. personnel abusing detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan, for the purposes of transparency and sunshine. [Chicago Tribune]
  • How dare that dowdy spinster from the British talent show dye her hair and turn into "another sleek singer." [Times Online]
  • Every year, the anniversary of the Armenian genocide forces American leaders to decide whether they're rather piss off the Armenians or the Turks, and every year they opt, obviously, to annoy the Armenians. [AP]
  • North Korea will formally bring charges against two American reporters they've now detained for a month and a half. [Voice of America]
  • Will a sudden rash of bombings keep American troops in Iraq past the summer 2010 withdrawal deadline? Probably not. [Washington Post]

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