Misogynist Neck-Beard: When Obama Accepted That Prize... Let's See... It Was Terrible For Everyone


NowNew York Times conservo-bot Ross Douthat DOESN'T THINK it was the worst thing ever for Obama to accept that Nobel Peace Prize, like those ideological conservatives do -- those conservatives are so crazy and nuts;, he's not like them! -- but he does think, you know, maybe they have a point?? Maybe they're on to something? It's another Monday with Ross Douthat!

Like many (most) of his fellow big newspaper pundits, Ross Douthat's political columns serve to enable the absolute worst tendencies in politicians. Why did Obama accept this prize, when he should be concentrating on framing his legacy, for historians?

Great achievements may still await our Nobel president. If Obama goes from strength to strength, then this travesty will be remembered as a footnote to his administration, rather than a defining moment.

But by accepting the prize, he’s made failure, if and when it comes, that much more embarrassing and difficult to bear. What’s more, he’s etched in stone the phrase with which critics will dismiss his presidency.

Slick Willie. Tricky Dick. Jimmy “Malaise” Carter. Dubya the Incompetent.

And now Barack Obama, Nobel laureate.

Ross Douthat is telling Obama, don't accept this prize, because in the future, if things don't end up going perfectly, terrible newspaper columnists like him will be allowed to dismiss his entire presidency with cute little nicknames.

Heckuva Job, Barack [NYT]


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