Hi Miss America! Watch out for Gavin. - WonketteUPDATE: Oh great, now our operative says "WRONG GAVIN!" Is there another Gavin we should be concerned about? Who? Local journalist Patrick Gavin? Jeez, this post is no longer at all interesting.

San Francisco mayor and drunken playboy Gavin Newsom is supposedly getting "alcohol counseling" to control his drunken affairs with his friends' wives, but in the meantime he's (probably) having sex with a local media writer who was seen with Miss America. Our exclusive Wonkette Operative report:

Your boy Gavin and Miss America spent all night (3 hours plus) flirting with each other at last night's Congress dinner. And the kicker: again today, spotted at Palm having lunch.
We were super-excited about this for a minute, because we thought Miss America was the drunken cokehead lesbian gal from Kentucky who Donald Trump decided to keep on the job. But that was "Miss USA" or "Miss Crying Eagle" or something. Oh well.

Anyway, Miss America is in town for that very same 63rd Annual Washington Press Club/Congress Dinner. And we know she lunched at the Palm today, because another Wonkette Op says there was a "gorgeous blonde waiting at a large table with another older woman" and the maitre d' explained the hot gal was the new Miss America ... who was basically chosen by Chris Matthews ... who was also at the Palm for lunch at the very same time.

Bizarrely, Matthews' entrance was greeted by wild applause. WTF? Oh, and Tucker Carlson was there, too.

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