Miss Louisiana USA Is Sort Of Glad Bowe Bergdahl Is Home In Today's Happy Links!


Well, what happened today over at Happy Nice Times People? So many things! So very many things. Let's get right into it!

We recapped the Tonys with a sexy video.

Justin Bieber is not racist anymore, thanks to Jesus God in the Sky (read: bathtub).

Miss Louisiana USA is a genius, about Bowe Berghdahl.

Bill Watterson was a sneaky-pants and guest-drew Pearls Before Swine, can you believe it?!?!

George Will trolled rape victims, those liberal whiners.

We put up a stupid She-Ra and He-Man video because there was a gunman on the loose in our neighborhood.

We recapped your Game of Thrones programme.

Veep is so great.

We had sex to Portishead, in our minds.

Neil Patrick Harris was gorgeous and amazing at the Tony Awards.

Aaaand here's your sideboob! Nom nom nom!


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