Mississippi Grads' Families Won't Face Jail Time For Being Excessively Proud Of Kids

Remember that real dumb story we typed at you, about the high school graduation in Senatobia, Mississippi, where two of the graduates' family members were ejected from graduation for the egregious crime of cheering with beaming pride when their kids' names were called, even though they had been EXPLICITLY TOLD no clapping until the end? And then District Superintendent Jay Foster decided to make an example of these obvious criminals (who are black, why do you ask?), so he demanded and had served warrants for their arrests, for "disturbing the peace"? The nerve of those families, for getting so excited they forgot they weren't supposed to say "You did it, baby!" to graduates who did, in point of fact, do it, baby.

Well, NICE TIME, because the pissy little superintendent has withdrawn the charges:

“Our purpose in filing the complaints was not to place a hardship of any kind on the individual who disrupted the ceremony, but to protect the rights of the class of 2015 and future S.H.S. graduating classes,” the schools superintendent, Jay Foster, said in a handwritten filing in one of the cases. “Therefore, at this time, we respectfully withdraw the complaint against this individual.”

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He didn't want to put a "hardship" on the people, he just wanted them arrested and made examples of, so that terrible, horrible things won't happen next year, like ... like what, dude? Like more parents and aunties and uncles saying "You go, girl!" to their girls?

While it was never certain whether or not this incident was racially motivated, a perusal of the comments section on Memphis's WREG-TV's article about the kerfuffle suggested that people sure did react that way, by calling the families "animals" and whatnot. However, we can assure readers, since this happened in Yr Wonkette's neck of hte woods, that it really doesn't fucking matter if it's an article about a local puppy doing something so cute you CAN'T EVEN, sad racist twats will find a way to make disgusting comments about black people. So maybe about race, maybe just Mississippi assholes being assholes?

Whatever it was, these folks sure were worried that this unbridled clapping and happiness was a gateway drug to something much, much worse. According to the Times, Foster had "wide support" from the townspeople for his decision to throw the book at them. Explain at us how crime works, random Senatobia resident Kam Spencer:

“They should have kept the charges,” said Kam Spencer, who runs Town Talk Florist. “If they tell you not to do something and you go in there and you do it, something needs to be done. To drop the charges, that’s just opening the door for next year.

“What’s next year going to bring? They chickened out, more or less.”

THE CHEERING MIGHT HAPPEN AGAIN! And then probably rape and murder and twerking and boys walking around with their pants so far down that you can see right onto their heinies. Good luck enduring the crime spree that is sure to soon fall on Senatobia, now that they've let these offenders go free.

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