Mississippi Wingnut Congressman Retiring To Spend More Time With His Family, Get Divorce From Wife

Mississippi Wingnut Congressman Retiring To Spend More Time With His Family, Get Divorce From Wife

Charles "Chip" Pickering is the only Mississippi Republican left in the House. He is the ultra-conservative son offamous racist/civil rights champion and retired federal judge Charles Pickering. Chip announced in August that he was quitting Congress so he could, of course, spend more time with his family, and get a lucrative lobbying job. The lobbying job will surely come, but on Friday it was announced that Chip is divorcing his wife so he can spend more time with all the various women he's been connected with over the years. What, a Republican in Congress who commits adultery with the opposite sex?

They're old fashioned in Mississippi, that's what! They believe in the old fashioned way of life, such as women are for making babies and the Negro is for slave labor on your plantation or maybe for lynching.

Wonkette Operative "Another One Bites The Dust in Mississippi" sends this report:

So, Rep. Charles Pickering (R) MS says last year that he is not going to run again for Congress - to spend time with his family. Then he up and files for divorce this week - thus destroying his family. Come to hear rumors that he has been having a long term relationship with a woman tied directly to a major Telecom company in addition to rumors of improper relationships with female lobbyist. What part of Faith, Family and Freedom has this guy forgotten? Clearly it is his Freedom that he is worried about.. but what else is going on with him...he is dancing on the edge of what would appear to be conflict of interests - at a minimum he is guilty of being a self centered stupid jerk... Oh, but then again he has been a Congressman for the past 12 years... so, why are we surprised? And of course Washington will get him back after he gets a high paid Lobby job at the end of his term.

Chip Pickering files for divorce [Hattiesburg American]


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