Missouri Senator & Governor Will Cut & Run

'Missourah is around here somewhere' - WonketteAccording to a Wonkette operative who heard this from two different sources, Republican Senator Kit Bond is going to bail on the Hill and become Chief Lord of the University of Missouri.

In a dastardly move that won't change the Balance of Power (unless it also involves somebody sneaking into Tim Johnson's hospital room), Republican and Missourah Guv Matt Blunt will do a Dick Cheney and appoint himself to the Senate seat.

More rumors and a funny picture, after the jump.

As governors don't really do anything except maybe in California, nobody is concerned about who might fill Blunt's old office.

You'll recall that Michael J. Fox hater Jim Talent lost his Missouri seat last month to Claire McCaskill, giving the Dems their tiny majority.

More unsubstantiated details as you mail them to us.

And now here's your funny picture of Kit Bond:

Looking well, Kit! - Wonkette


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