Mitch McConnell Doesn't Find Al Franken's Senate Comedy Sketch Very Funny

Mitch McConnell Doesn't Find Al Franken's Senate Comedy Sketch Very Funny

"When Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell laid out his opposition to Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination, someone in the chamber appeared to be moving around in his chair, gasping and rolling his eyes." Oh no! Who would do such a thing?!Turns out it was Sen. Al Franken, who was presiding over the Senate and was elected in 2008 by Minnesota felons to make comedy sketches for America in its legislature. Mitch McConnell's eyes turned red, cartoon steam shot out his ears, and he confronted Franken. "This isn't Saturday Night Live," he said, which is the best comeback of the century.

Al Franken wasn't sure how to respond, because apparently he couldn't understand what this angry comeback was referring to. It was that good of a comeback.

“The leader thought I was disrespectful while he was giving his speech on General Kagan,” Franken said in a statement to POLITICO. “He is entitled to give his speech with the presiding officer just listening respectfully. I went directly to his office after I was done presiding to apologize in person. He wasn’t there, so I’ve sent him a handwritten note.”

GENERAL KAGAN HAS SEEN HER BEST MEN DIE IN THE TRENCHES. She didn't need this from you, Al Franken.

Tragically, there appears to be no video of any of this. The closest thing we could find was this video of Mitch McConnell from 2006:

[youtube expand=1]



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