Mitch McConnell's Plan To Woo Democrats With Insults Not Working. Huh.

Mitch McConnell's Plan To Woo Democrats With Insults Not Working. Huh.

Yesterday in the long-running, apparently-never-gonna-close national production of Our Senate Sucks (now in its 226th year!), Mitch McConnell continued to be the worst lead since Styles Bridges had the entire place fumigated for gay cooties. With the bipartisan bill to fight human trafficking stalled over the GOP’s inclusion of irrelevant anti-abortion language, the Turtle suggested that for Democrats, “surely no left-wing special interest group is more important than fighting modern-day slavery.”

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Note to all women who enjoy their right to make their own reproductive choices, which is damn near every woman, including Republicans, whose last name is not Duggar: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell considers you a “left-wing special interest group” more concerned with your reproductive choices than with the possibility you will be sold into sex slavery.

Now that’s how you step on your own dick.

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The Turtle also said this:

Our Democratic friends have to resist the siren song of their pollsters who tell them that the path to victory lies in turning bipartisan bills into fights over cultural issues.

Accusing your opponents of doing the exact thing that you are actually doing, and have been doing for years because it was a strategy that got you the Senate majority you so craved? That is some choot-spa. The Turtle’s deflector shields are at 100 percent.

Anyway, as Harry Reid keeps telling McConnell, there is a very simple solution here. Simply strip the anti-abortion language out of the bill and Democrats will not filibuster. The Hyde Amendment preventing federal funds being used for abortions will still be in effect. Are Republicans really going to stall a bill to stop human trafficking because they can’t so much as name a post office without throwing in some anti-abortion language?

Having thought about it, McConnell announced late Thursday that, for the moment, that is essentially what he’s going to do. The Turtle filed for cloture in order to move to a vote to cut off debate on the bill, which the Democrats will likely filibuster, meaning the Senate won't be able to move to a vote to pass the bill, which the Democrats would likely also filibuster. Seeing as how feelings are still raw over both the GOP apparently sneaking the anti-abortion language into the bill after promising Democrats they wouldn’t and that little stunt that Tom “Otto” Cotton pulled earlier this week to declare himself master of American foreign policy, the chances the GOP will find 60 votes to break the filibuster are at zero and trending down.

Remember when the GOP claimed that giving them the Senate majority would lessen gridlock and lead to legislation passing and American business actually being accomplished? If any wingnuts who believed that are reading this, we have a bridge spanning New York’s East River to sell you. Simply send all your money to Wonkette and we’ll mail you the deed, we promise.

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