Mitt Romney Ad Magically Turns McCain Advisor's Words Into Obama's


The quantum of total emptiness sashaying about in a flesh suit and calling itself "Mitt Romney" just cannot catch a break, in the polls! Mitt wants this presidency thing so very badly, you can practically taste the flopsweat. (Look for low notes of malted milk and Brylcreem in this year's vintage.) Here is Mittens' latest campaign ad, where he plays the role of a humanoid who "believes in America," unlike confirmed socialist Muslin Barack Obama, who in the beginning of the video just cold admits that "if we keep talking about the economy, we lose!" Boy, that dude would have to be EMPTY IN THE HEAD to say that! Just straight up flashing a big ROOM AVAILABLE sign across the noggin', right?

Or maybe instead Mitt's ad deceptively shows Obama quoting one of John McCain's doomed flunkies circa 2008, who at the time wisely advised WALNUTS! to ix-nay on the "fundamentals are strong" nonsense, seeing as how the economy was then transitioning into hospice care. Now, you could turn your computer upside down to read the answer, or you could just use the good sense Mama gave you and assume that Mitt Romney fucked up, again, as always. What do you know, right again! This guy needs more Reagan in his life.

[ThinkProgress; TPM]


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