Mitt Romney Somehow Liberal Now For Hiring Gay GOP War Salesman

Mitt Romney Somehow Liberal Now For Hiring Gay GOP War Salesman

The Mitt Romney campaign hired a gay! But that's just a matter of statistics, right, because come on, the Gay Old Party, et cetera? No, this Richard Grenell, Romney's new "national security and foreign policy spokesman," is an openly gay gay Republican. Uh-oh, this must be liberal Massachusetts Mittens trying to "move to the center" now that the general election has begun, by freely associating with known homosexuals. It is just as the Etch a Sketch foretold! Yes, it is all very centrist. So centrist of Mitt Romney, hiring a gay. Centrist centrist centrist. Well, centrist except for the part about Grenell being a George W. Bush appointee who directed communications strategy for the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations when the United States was busy telling lies to everyone in the United Nations about Iraq's fictional weapons of mass destruction. But uh, still centrist, right?

Let's see, here is an opinion piece that Grenell wrote last month criticizing Barack Obama for hating gay marriage. It's so liberal!

President Obama reiterated his opposition to gay marriage in New York City one day before New York politicians passed marriage equality for their state. He did it again a few days later at the White House. The president and his political advisers surely must have calculated the con$equences for taking such a timely stand.

This is in contrast to Mitt Romney, who has bravely defended gay marriage. That is probably why Grenell is working for him!

Right-wing blogs have not decided how to whimper about this yet, according to their lack of shouting apparent from a quick Google search. Inevitably many of them will issue grumpy arguments that Grenell's sexuality doesn't matter, and inevitably we will probably collect some quotes from these in a day or two to make a fun post about hypocrisy.

In the meantime, some Pajamas Media blowhard has the only truly upsetting point that we have seen about the hire, that Richard Grenell has a positive opinion of war-forever dingus John Bolton:

From what I know of Richard, he is particularly close to John Bolton, which augurs well for those of us who would like to see Bolton return to the UN or assume an even higher foreign policy role in a possible Romney administration. With all the ongoing treachery of Iran, Syria, the putative “Arab Spring,” Hamas, Hezbollah, North Korea, etc., etc., Bolton’s more needed now than ever — and the Grenell appointment points the way.

Since we would not even appoint John Bolton to care for a pet cat, this is the only actually terrifying thing about this news item. [Political Wire]


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