Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum Pull Out Of March Debate, CNN Cancels


Precious Mittens McRomney is too scared to debate his three historically incompetent remaining rivals on March 1, in Georgia. That means next week's debate in Arizona will be his last until March 19, by which time he hopes to have purchased the Republican party's presidential nomination. Now everyone go in the comments and call Mitt Romney a pussy, thx. UPDATE: Oh and now Rick Santorum has dropped out, too? It is raining pussies today. But a Gingrich-Paul-only debate moderated by Wolf Blitzer could be hilarious, for 20 minutes or so. UPDATE II: Today, we are all pussies. CNN has canceled the debate. How will the people of Georgia make an informed decision when they head to the polls now? UPDATE III: Anyone else want to drop out of or cancel anything? Fill it in here, ______________________, we're done with this post. UPDATE IV: The universe has been canceled, all of us are reduced to nothingness.


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