Dead Gay SoldierTonight, Showtime airs the most relevant political drama about zombies since "Night of the Living Dead's" examination of race and, since "Dawn of the Dead's" condemnation of consumerism... since "28 Days Later's" disturbing allegory for the war on terror. What are we saying? Pretty much all zombie movies are politically relevant. But Showtime will be airing the most recent one, as part of their low-budget schlock horror series, "Master of Horror." In it, dead soldiers returning from Iraq emerge from their coffins and demand voting rights, a cause that finds easy support among Republicans (and Chicago natives) until they discover that the "zombie dissidents" intend to exercise their franchise for "anyone who will end this evil war." We had planned to have you insert your own Cindy Sheehan joke here, but apparently the film's creator ("Gremlin" and "Toy Soldiers" helmer Joe Dante) already thought of it. We're at a loss to envision how the movie could possibly be even more offensive to those likely to be offended by these sorts of things, though we hear some of the dead soldiers are gay.

Homecoming [ via Boing Boing]

Zombies Attack George Bush [ZNet]


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