kersten.jpgEvery so often our Minnesota Correspondent emails us at 3 a.m. or so to bitch at length about something terrible and offensive he read in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune. Last night it was nutty columnist Katherine Kersten. Kersten, in a piece from earlier this week, warns us that poor, beleaguered Minneapolis has become a dangerous and bloody Road Warrior-inspired nightmarescape.

Katherine Kersten is clearly upholding her side of the crazy reactionaries versus drug-addled radicals showdown. It's a shame the only thing she has to rail against is a few hundred hippies on a goddamn bike ride. What will they do next? Distribute a bunch of homosexual balloon animals at public parks? Dispute noted visionary Carl Pohlad's decision to trade away all of the Twins' mid-level offensive players? Dance a trippy dance?

Clearly, the only people who are actually living in David Lynch's America are fringe right-wing columnists.

Katherine Kersten: Bike-riding mob owns the streets of Minneapolis [Strib]


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