MN GOP Too Busy Washing Its Hair To Host JD Vance's Putin Apology Tour

With US Senate candidate JD Vance trailing in the Ohio polls, it looks like we won't have Peter Thiel's best little animatronic hate doll to kick around any more. But before this fake hillbilly writes his own electoral elegy, let's all point and laugh at just how toxic this guy made himself in a doomed effort to appeal to Buckeye voters.

As flagged by the Bulwark, Vance was recently uninvited to be the featured speaker at the Minnesota GOP's annual "Lincoln-Reagan" dinner. (What else would they call it, right?) Apparently having a guy who thinks Putin is his hot daddy didn't sit well with some of the slightly less insane Minnesota Republicans who'd still like to win something once in a while in their purple-trending-to-blue state.

Here's a thread from the former deputy chair of the state party on the foofaraw after Vance was announced as the guest of honor.

Apparently, Vance shooting his mouth off to Steve Bannon that “I gotta be honest with you, I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine one way or another” did not endear him to his hosts. And it certainly hasn't aged well as Ukrainians put up a heroic fight, uniting the world behind them and against Vladimir Putin.

Vance is currently trying to retcon an explanation, suggesting that America has to deal with the supposed "crisis" at the southern border before it can care about our strategic allies being indiscriminately bombed by a maniacal dictator intent on reviving a declining petrostate. America First, doncha know!

But, as Bloomberg points out, there are 80,000 Ukrainian Americans in Ohio, and having no political instincts other than reflexively opposing every Democratic position can sometimes put you at odds with your own voters.

And the Washington Post's Greg Sargent makes an excellent point that Ukraine poses a problem for the America First crowd precisely because it gets Americans worked up about a real invasion, making it hard to sell the endemic border crossing of migrants as an "invasion" necessitating constant panic and a massive military response.

Meanwhile back in Minnesota, attendees at the dinner will be treated to an evening with CPAC chair Matt Schlapp, who's a disgusting whore, but at least has the political instincts to pretend that Putin only invaded because Biden is a commiebortionist, simultaneously demanding that Biden stand up to the Russians and complaining about rising gas prices. It ain't rocket science, but Vance has spent an entire year on the campaign trail, and he's still unable to thread that needle. And he's still losing to a numpty who burned a surgical mask in a stairwell for freedom — OUCH.

For the record, the dinner's organizers told the Bulwark that Vance canceled because of a scheduling conflict. We'll assume he prefers to be scheduled somewhere people aren't calling him a Putin apologist and an embarrassment to the GOP.

Obviously, this is cancel culture run amok. And on May 3, the voters are pretty likely to cancel culture JD Vance's campaign permanently, or at least until Sherrod Brown is up again in two years. Just six more weeks of this jackass rolling in pigshit for our amusement. Let's not waste it!

[Bulwark / WaPo]

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