Moby vs. Drudge

what a queen!Lloyd Grove reports that Moby is all hot and bothered because Drudge took something "out of context." Like that ever happens in the media.

But, really, who would win a Moby vs. Drudge smackdown? Not since Oscar Wilde and Lytton Strachey pelted each other with buttered scones over who would get to dress up as Salome has the world seen such a testosterone-free feud. But our money, like the oddsmaking of that bitch Gawker, is on Matt "The Mad Hatter" Drudge. Sure, he is probably smaller and in worse shape (all that time surfing for any hint of anyone comparing Bush and Hitler really wears him down), he is also clinically insane. Gives him an edge.

Cho-Time for Moby vs. Drudge [NYDN via Gawker]


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