Moderate John Kasich Calls For Kinder, Gentler Gay Bashing


[contextly_sidebar id="YyRIgC8CHFch2ikeYAtnArK2EtdQ3vfQ"]During Thursday night's Republican debate, John Kasich wanted us to know something very, very important: "I knew Ronald Reagan." SOLD! He also wanted us to know that he was the only "adult" on the stage, the only one capable of making brain thoughts between his ears.

That's why, when Kasich was asked what he thinks about "cupcake" makers who don't want to make "cupcakes" for sodomite nuptial ceremonies, he was ready with such a compassionate, moderate, smart answer:

Well, look, first of all, I try to be a man of faith every day as best as I can, and I try to focus in my faith on the dos and I think the don'ts will take care of themselves once I get the dos right, which is humility, and loving my enemy, and caring for my neighbor.

But secondly, look, you're in the commerce business, you want to sell somebody a cupcake, great. OK? But now if they ask you to participate in something you really don't like, that's a whole 'nother issue, OK? Another issue.

Got it. Obviously he means that if you think buttfucking is a sin, but you like selling cupcakes, people should only ask you if they can buy cupcakes, but they shouldn't try to buttfuck you. Right? Nah, he means something different:

What I hoped was going to happen after the Supreme Court ruling is things would settle down.

If you go to a photographer to take pictures at your wedding, and he says, I'd rather not do it, find another photographer, don't sue them in court. You know what, the problem is in our country -- in our country, we need to learn to respect each other and be a little bit more tolerant for one another.

And at the end of the day, don't go to court. Can't we have common sense in America? That's the way it used to be.

But at the end of the day, if somebody is being pressured to participate in something that is against their deeply-held religious beliefs, then we're going to have to think about dealing with the law.

See, you gays? Why can't you have a little more common sense and compassion for those cupcake photographers who think Jesus will roast them on a spit in hell if they take pictures of the cupcakes at your wedding? Gah, gays these days, suing everybody who won't "participate" in their gay sexxxing marriage rituals. It's like somehow LGBT folk took it seriously when the Supreme Court said, "Hey look, here are some equal marriage rights!"

Besides, Kasich, who is a hugger, is tired of everybody arguing with everybody:

But you know what, I'd rather people figure this out without having to put another law on the books and have more arguments in this country. Why don't we come together as a country, respect one another, love one another and lift this country? I think that's what people want.

So thanks for asking.

Thanks for telling.

[contextly_sidebar id="pNuz9TH1SCthVjV8MXjDwsKpCodG9hcc"]This is not the first time Kasich has said a gay thing about the homosexuals during a debate. Way back yonder in August, he told the gathered GOP trolls that if his daughter was a lesbinarian and she loved another lesbinarian, he would love and support her very much. And! He said he went to a gay wedding! Also too!

But we guess it was one of those gay weddings where Christians were NOT persecuted to death by gays foaming at the mouth and demanding cupcakes. John Kasich doesn't like THAT kind of gay wedding.

[debate transcript via Washington Post]

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