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It's a Sunday, so it's time to take a break from the daily news grind, put your feet up, and then change your socks and remind yourself to be careful about where you put your feet up next time. Let's get right to it!

Wonkette Book Club: Supply Chain Issues

Last week I announced our next Book Club selection would be Rebecca Solnit's 2009 A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster. As I noted at the time, it doesn't look like Amazon has any affordable copies of the hardback or paperback available, but the Kindle ebook is there, for $12.99. It also looked like the trade paperback is available from the publisher, Penguin Random House, for $18, but it appears to be on backorder at Indiebound. That may also be the case with Penguin Random House; I didn't actually follow through with an order since I have the ebook and am a cheapskate.

So the question is: Do we go ahead and do a book club with e-editions (or whatever library copies you can find) only, or go find another book? I'm several chapters into Paradise Built In Hell and I think it's pretty good, and since the ebook edition is definitely available in multiple formats for $12.99, I'm inclined to go ahead if there's enough interest. (More about the book in last week's post).

So let's find out! (If you don't do the Twitters, let me know what you think in the comments below, which Wonkette does not allow).

As of right now, I'm inclined to go ahead and Book Club this thing anyway. But either way, next Sunday, May 17, we'll definitely discuss this Chris Hayes interview with Rebecca Solnit, about how disaster can bring people together (not that we want disasters) and even lead to greater equality. It's so good! Give that sucker a listen even if you can't / don't plan to get the book, 'kay? If enough people DO wanna read the book, our schedule looks like this, unless we change it, because that's how we are.

May 17: Podcast interview and Paradise Built in Hell through Section II.

May 31: finish the rest of the book

Time For Twitter Stuff Now!

I've been advised that when I embed too many tweets it makes these posts very difficult to read on mobile devices, so I will endeavor to not break the platform for y'all. Enjoy!

First up, a reminder that at least some people still have their heads screwed on right in this crazy world:

Alert Wonkette Operative La Bibliotequetress discovered this evidence that back in February, two of my favorite Twitter accounts, Poorly Drawn Cats and the wonderfully strange Normal Cat Pictures, appear to have crossed their streams. Somehow, every atom in the universe survived.

Speaking of Normal Cat Pictures (they're generated by an apparently malevolent neural network), here's an amazing coinkydink:

No, I'm not going to stop posting them. You're the weird one.

But here's a cuteness chaser. Lookit that floofy face!

Houston, we have a blep.

This is wonderful AND social-distancey, and you should go see the full thread. Including bonus video of the beautiful rainbow lady.

Kid Zoom's kitty, Millie, is handling lockdown just fine:

Those paw curlings.

ProPublica reporter Jessica Huseman (follow her, fools!) has important Walter video:

Stereotypical? Possibly. Adorable? Definitely!

Sea otters! That is all. SEA OTTERS!

OK, last one: Wonkette's own Jamie Lynn Crofts bought a dangly cat toy that requires her to hold the stick to make it fun. That did not sit well with the kitten whenever Jamie set the toy down.

The kitty's sad demands also reminded Thornton he's hungry, so I'm outta here. Have a fine Sunday, alla youse!

Oh, fine, obligatory Thornton from a day or two ago. He's so judgy.

Yes this is your OPEN THREAD. Be nice.

[A Paradise Built In Hell / Why is This Happening? / Photo by 'Jennifer C.' Creative Commons License 2.0]

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