Moments From ’90s And 2000s Comedies That Didn’t Stand The Test Of Time! Tabs, Mon., July 5, 2021

Moments From ’90s And 2000s Comedies That Didn’t Stand The Test Of Time! Tabs, Mon., July 5, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador! WHOM YOU AND WE ALL LOVE VERY MUCH.

Did you miss me? Liars, yes you did. When we left for Shy's family cabin in the middle of the Puget Sound, the weather was still calling for highs in the 70s. It was not highs in the 70s! It was pretty terrible, in a beautiful south-facing glass-walled electricity-free cabin that was not built with "heat dome" in mind! But at least I didn't read any news for nine days, and for that let's all (me) be grateful. Also, five orcas came into the front yard to say hey. Also also, we did not actually die. Let's read some shit!

The Northwest heat dome? Scientists say it's the most extreme heatwave in modern history so! (Common Dreams)

America has been through a fuck of a lot in the past 20 years. — Noah Smith at Noahpinion substack

Will Trump ever face justice? The American Prospect sounds a little pessimistic! I do not blame them!

Trump's cheapness may bite him in his voluminous ass. (Forbes)

I read Carl Hiassen's Squeeze Me on vacation and a lot of things bite Trump in his voluminous ass. Happy recommend! (Amazon link, your Wonkette gets a small cut)

Dear Joe Biden, please fix Trump's terrible trade war. Love, Republican senators. (Bloomberg)

Bye bye Hyde Amendment, GTFO! — MSN

Amy Coney Barrett, centrist, for values of "centrist" on this godforsaken Supreme Court. (Reuters analysis)

Lauren Boebert, Madison Cawthorn, Dr. Ronny Jackson, and other lunatic House reps had company on their trip to the border, and it was this Capitol rioter! (CNN)

GETTR: Racist, sure, but also a privacy nightmare if you want to call people the n-word without everyone in the world knowing about it. If that's a thing you want, I guess. (Vice)

Nice Pope doing lock-her-ups to his own cardinals for being shifty greedy crimers (ALLEGEDLY!). — Reuters

Gee these Ada County, Idaho, candidates for sheriff sound terrific! — Idaho Statesman

But isn't birth control murder when you think about it? Sure fuck it, Republicans are saying so, why not. (Vogue)

Tip in cash whenever you're able. — Connie Schultz at USA Today

"I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter," and how it ruined author Isabel Fall's life. — Emily VanDerWerff at Vox

I guess I'm not the target audience for all these "these female CEOs are terrible and flighty and all their employees hate them because they ask them how they are doing" stories, because it usually seems to me the CEOs are ... mostly fine! The breakup at some Le Creuset knockoff company is one of those stories! (Business Insider)

I am the target audience for grilled stone fruits with rosemary and rose syrup, is what I am! — Zabar's blog (includes how to make your own rose syrup hell yeah)

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