'Moms For Liberty' Leader Wistfully Shares Dream Of Gunning Down Librarians

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Melissa “Missy” Bosch is a mom for liberty. In fact, she is such a mom for liberty that she is the head of communications for a group calling themselves Moms for Liberty. As such, she would like to ban a whole lot of books from the library. Specifically books about Martin Luther King Jr., Native Americans, and LGBTQ people. What says liberty more than a good old fashioned book burning?

But books are not the only thing Bosch wants to destroy! In leaked audio of a recent Moms For Liberty meeting in Lonoke County, Arkansas, Bosch is heard complaining about a school librarian she felt did not offer her enough deference when she came in to complain about books. “I’m telling you, if I was — any mental issues, they would all be plowed down with a freaking gun by now,” Bosch said, before describing herself as a patient person.

Bosch was particularly outraged that this librarian was paid $85,000 a year and was not interested in answering her questions on "the policy" for allowing books into the library.

After this, she and her cohorts had a good laugh about the hypothetical unfairness of the fact that if she, a conservative Republican, were to have "one moment of weakness where you flip" and say "the F word" or perhaps innocently gun down a school librarian, no one would ever let them live it down.

There is also some video available of this particular meeting, in which you can hear one of them clearly say, "I shouldn't be telling you this, but she advocates dirty books. Chaucer! Rabelais! BALZAC!" before accusing the librarian of making brazen overtures towards "Old Meiser Madison."


Probably because of how very with the times they are.

After clips of the audio went viral on TikTok, Bosch took to Facebook to try to claim that the recording was illegal and edited to make it seem like she was saying something she didn't say.

As we transitioned from talking about having the new school board review and revise the school policy (specifically making librarians who make $85K a year answer to parents when we ask how sexually explicit books got into the library) to talking about hypothetical situations on gun safety, whatever we were talking about got cut down to say “I could plow them down with a gun.” Oh, the absurdity makes me cringe that this person had the nerve to not only put this out of context sentence out there to make me look like a shooter but to drag my name through the mud.


However, Arkansas is a one party consent state and Media Matters has the full audio of the conversation including the relevant conversation afterwards, making it incredibly clear that the threat was made in the exact context in which it was presented.

Bosch went on to complain, with what we can assume was a straight face, about the "Karens" who are "backwards and sideways in her thinking" and judged her simply for talking down to and threatening a worker, and because they hate charter schools, then accusing everyone of bullying her and eventually capping it off with "Turning my cheek is getting harder and harder."

The school district has not yet responded directly but instead has referred reporters to a statement on their website published days after the incident, reading "The Cabot School District considers the safety of students and staff its highest priority. Alleged threats shall be submitted to law enforcement for investigation. Likewise, the District will take appropriate action to ensure the safety of our students and staff."

“We do have an active investigation,” Cabot Police Sgt. Kevin Marty told the Arkansas Times. “We will release more information when it becomes available.”

[Media Matters]

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