'Moms' Newest Battalion In War On Moms

'Moms' Newest Battalion In War On Moms

Oh noez! The moms did not get the memo that it is that dastardly Barack Obama who is #WARRING them, because a Democrat said something catty once! Either that, or all moms just hate all other moms and cannot wait to WAR on them too, because players gotta play, cats gotta be bitchez. (Right, Richard Grenell?) In any event, new polling shows that Hairbot 5000 is losing moms just as badly as he is losing all other ladies, even though the gender gap is a myth. Tell us more, PPP:

That is especially too bad for GOP nominee Mitt Romney because usually at least the mom sector of ladies edges Republican, sitting there in their minivans and understanding the economy because they take their kids to school and practice, and doing other mom stuff (anal?) while their slutty little sisters the swingles vote hot-and-horny D. Here, have another screenshot!

It is really, really too bad for Ol' Grampa Hairgel that Rick Santorum had to open his smegma-slicked yap about birth control being of the Debbil, and calling every woman a whore, thus bringing on this whole mishigas. Sorry Mittster. Couldn't have happened to a ... person? We will go with "person." [DailyKos]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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