Money Is Speech, Except You Can Buy Things With It

* Finally, Fred is declared and ready to move forward with his doomed campaign. [The Hill]

* The Justice Dept. is investigating whether or not Gonzo is a liar or, say, a criminal. [NYT]

* State secrets are the lifeblood of democracy. [NYT]

* We're just going to go ahead and say right now that on Mike Huckabee is a sure thing to be the next president of the United States. [WP]

* The primaries inch closer to 2007. [USAT]

* The economy isn't at rock bottom yet so it's about time we start listening to President Sandbag's ideas about how to get shit going again. [Politico]

* Some procedural drama we don't understand or know anything about is happening in Congress and needs a select committee of people we've never heard of to sort it out. [The Hill]

* Juris prudence has triumphed again as a district court ruled that the FEC doesn't need to regulate 527 groups. In fact, why even bother with all this troublesome election law to begin with? [Roll Call]


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